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Frequently asked questions

I'm afraid people won't take part!

You'd be surprised how much we hear this! Interestingly enough, we've provided workshops for everyone from Sales Agents to Dental Professors; all of whom get stuck right into it, when given the right encouragement! Haka requires you to step outside of your comfort zone but allows you to feel comforted by the your team all getting involved!

Can you guarantee my event will be a success if I book you?

No and anyone who does can never be 100%. What I can guarantee is that we will work with you to ensure your vision of success is shared with us. We're fortunate enough to have never been given bad feedback and always ensure that your guests are not only entertained, but go away feeling the true value of a great experience.

Do you offer discounts for registered charities?

Yes. We aim to do one per quarter, and these are done with the intention of raising funds for the charity or providing entertainment for those in attendance. Please speak with me if you'd like to check our availability.

Can you do a workshop for a school or sports club?

Yes and we do quite a few actually! We are fully DBS cleared and covered with £5M Public Liability Insurance. We can even provide risk assessments should you be concerned about the attendees!